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Are you a skilled worker? Do you have a job offer in Canada? You could speed up the immigration application process by taking advantage of the Express Entry system. Express Entry is a new system that helps some immigration applications to fast track their entry into Canada. Legal professionals Global Migrate are on hand to help you to complete this process successfully.

An overview of Express Entry and what it entails

As its name indicates, Express Entry is a faster and more streamlined way for some applications to be approved to live and work in Canada. If you already have a job offer in the country in the near future and you need to have your immigration status confirmed as soon as possible, the Express Entry option could well be best for you. In order to take advantage of Express Entry, you need to be a skilled worker with a valid job offer that lasts for at least a year (this is a shorter time period than previously, meaning that more people can apply for Express Entry). The first step to apply for Express Entry is to complete the Canadian government’s online Express Entry application form. This form asks questions about your skills and education, as well as other aspects of your life. The immigration authorities then consider all of the applications in the pool and rank them. The top ranking applicants will be invited to apply for permanent residence. This system is points based, and you can get additional points for various factors, including having high levels of education and having a valid, long lasting job offer in Canada. The good news is that if you are not invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada this time round, you can start the whole process again and create a new Express Entry profile for yourself. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be.

Get legal help to increase your chances of success

Whilst you can fill in the Express Entry form by yourself, enlisting the help of an immigration consultancy¬†will ensure that you put in the very best Express Entry application that is possible. Your consultant, who understands the Express Entry system inside out, will ensure that your application is complete and accurate and that you have supplied all of the necessary supporting documentation. In addition, your consultant¬†will help to explain any aspects of the Express Entry application process that are unclear to you, and they will help to fight your case if your application is unsuccessful. Experts in all aspects of Canadian immigration law, including the Express Entry procedure, Global Migrate are always happy to help you. If you are a skilled worker who is thinking of moving to Canada, get in touch with us today so that we can get to work on your Express Entry application right away. Our service is affordable, professional and always focused on our clients’ individual needs whether you are from the UK or even Dubai. Check our website to see the areas we cover.

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