UK Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa

Global MIgrate


A spouse visa allows your marriage partner to migrate to the UK if you are a legal UK citizen.

Once you have the visa you can now go ahead and look for a job or go to school if you want to. If you have been in the UK on a work visa or student visa for more than six months you can easily get a spousal visa. Also if you are applying from the UK the visa lasts for 30 months. But if you are not in the UK you can also apply for a spousal visa so do not worry. A marriage visa acquired from outside the UK can last up to 33 months.

The process of acquiring the UK spouse visa can take up to 12 weeks so be patient. It is very important to gather all the information you can before doing anything. Research can make your work very easy. You get to know exactly what is required of you so that the process is much smoother.

The process of getting the visa can be very stressful but there are migration experts such as Global Migrate. This team of experts help people get their visas with ease and all but guarantee success. You need a company that understands immigration in depth. One that has employees who are well informed about all the migration rules because they keep changing. If you are thinking of getting a UK Spouse Visa here are some things you need to consider checking first.

The basic requirements for a UK spouse visa:

  • You have to be legally married to the UK citizen of course and your marriage must be willingly done. Also, both of you have to be 18 years and above.
  • You can also be asked to take some English language lessons. Migrants are also asked to take English test to show that they can speak and understand English.
  • You should be able to financially support yourselves and any other people who are dependent on you, such as children. This also means that you should have a home or residence for your family.
  • There is a minimum amount of income that is required
  • You and your partner must also be planning on living together and not just temporarily.

If you have children you should apply for their visa too, do this while applying for yours.

If you and your partner have been living according to the agreements of the visa acquisition then you can extend your visa up to another 30 months.

Do not shy away from asking your immigration expert questions. They are trained to make your immigration easy and less stressful. For a successful application listen and take any solid advice given to you.

Visit a reputable and licensed visa experts such as Global Migrate company for any questions you might have or to start the process. If you need a spouse visa do not let people tell you how hard it is to discourage you. You know why you want it for your spouse so do it.

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