Have you ever thought about moving to Canada?

Have you ever thought about moving to Canada? The province of Nova Scotia may be about to open their doors for new applications!

A proven and successful immigration stream in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, is scheduled to reopen ‘in the coming weeks’. This brings a fresh opportunity to immigrate to Canada for ‘Express Entry’ candidates in one of 16 targeted occupations.

‘Express Entry’ is used to manage applications for permanent residence in Canada under the following federal economic immigration programs: the ‘Federal Skilled Worker Program’, the ‘Federal Skilled Trades Program’, and the ‘Canadian Experience Class’. Don’t worry if you’re not certain which category you fall into, the experienced staff at Global Migrate will ease you through the process.

The province of Nova Scotia will welcome applications for a provincial nomination certificate through its own popular ‘Express Entry’ stream. This stream has not been open for new applications since December, 2015 – making 2017 a very exciting year for those hoping to make a new home in the amazing country of Canada.

Global Migrate’s highly trained staff are poised to help explain all the requirements to you in full, but briefly entry requirements are likely to mean the following:

  • As this is an Express Entry-aligned stream, candidates with a provincial nomination are awarded 600 additional ‘Comprehensive Ranking System’ points and placed at the front of the line for selection in a subsequent draw from the pool.
  • Up to 250 applications will be accepted online for Category B of the stream, for which candidates must have at least one year of work experience in a target occupation. A job offer is not required for this category. Because it offers candidates in the Express Entry pool a way to apply for a provincial nomination certificate on a first-come, first-served basis, and because Nova Scotia is an increasingly popular immigration destination, it is likely that the upcoming intake will prove popular.

Please Note that at present, there is no indication that Category A, for which candidates must have a full-time permanent skilled job offer from a Nova Scotia employer, will reopen for the upcoming application cycle. If this changes, your experienced case handler at Global Migrate will obviously update you in person.

Eligibility requirements for Category B of Nova Scotia Demand:

  • Have at least one year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) skilled work experience in the last six years in one of the 16 ‘opportunity’ occupations (see table below)
  • Have their foreign education credentials assessed, authenticated, and given an equivalent value in Canada by one of the 4 designated credential assessment agencies
  • Demonstrate, by way of a standardized language test acceptable to the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia, at least an adequate intermediate language proficiency in English or French (Canadian Language Benchmark: 7)
  • Obtain at least 67 points on the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Points Grid. Points are awarded based on language proficiency, age, work experience, education, and adaptability
  • Have a profile in the Express Entry pool


Opportunity occupations – updated list:

Financial Auditors and Accountants 1111
Other financial officers 1114
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 1123
Administrative assistants 1241
Accounting and related clerks 1311
Civil engineers 2131
Information systems analysts and consultants 2171
Computer programmers and interactive media development 2174
Computer network technicians 2281
User support technicians 2282
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012
Licensed practical nurses 3233
College and other vocational instructors 4021
Paralegal and related occupations 4211
Social and community service workers 4212
Financial sales representatives 6235

 What do I do First? Our experts say: – For Your First step: get in the pool!

All applicants to the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream must have a profile in the federal Express Entry pool before applying to the stream. This was not the case in 2015, when the stream was last open so this is a change from the process that was in place at that time.

Candidates in the pool who may be eligible for this stream can prepare their documents and forms in anticipation of the imminent reopening for new applications. It should be noted that Nova Scotia plans on reopening this stream intermittently throughout 2017; therefore, candidates may prepare for a future intake, even if they don’t manage to submit an application for the upcoming intake.

Nova Scotia: an increasingly popular destination.

The government of Nova Scotia recently announced that nearly 5,500 new immigrants settled in the province as new permanent residents in 2016, more than at any time in the last seven decades.

“I am so proud of these results; they reflect the hard work that we’ve been doing to grow our population and make Nova Scotia a more diverse and welcoming province,” said Nova Scotia’s Immigration Minister, Lena Diab.

With an eye towards breaking this new record again in 2017, Minister Diab added that she is “looking forward to another outstanding year for immigration. We have a total of 2,150 spots to fill in 2017, that is the 1,350 spots for our Provincial Nominee Program and 800 spots in our new program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Overall, we’re on track to break more records.”


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