Have you ever thought about moving to Canada?

Have you ever thought about moving to Canada? The province of Nova Scotia may be about to open their doors for new applications!

A proven and successful immigration stream in the province of Nova Scotia, Canada, is scheduled to reopen ‘in the coming weeks’. This brings a fresh opportunity to immigrate to Canada for ‘Express Entry’ candidates in one of 16 targeted occupations.

‘Express Entry’ is used to manage applications for permanent residence in Canada under the following federal economic immigration programs: the ‘Federal Skilled Worker Program’, the ‘Federal Skilled Trades Program’, and the ‘Canadian Experience Class’. Don’t worry if you’re not certain which category you fall into, the experienced staff at Global Migrate will ease you through the process.

The province of Nova Scotia will welcome applications for a provincial nomination certificate through its own popular ‘Express Entry’ stream. This stream has not been open for new applications since December, 2015 – making 2017 a very exciting year for those hoping to make a new home in the amazing country of Canada.

Global Migrate’s highly trained staff are poised to help explain all the requirements to you in full, but briefly entry requirements are likely to mean the following:

  • As this is an Express Entry-aligned stream, candidates with a provincial nomination are awarded 600 additional ‘Comprehensive Ranking System’ points and placed at the front of the line for selection in a subsequent draw from the pool.
  • Up to 250 applications will be accepted online for Category B of the stream, for which candidates must have at least one year of work experience in a target occupation. A job offer is not required for this category. Because it offers candidates in the Express Entry pool a way to apply for a provincial nomination certificate on a first-come, first-served basis, and because Nova Scotia is an increasingly popular immigration destination, it is likely that the upcoming intake will prove popular.

Please Note that at present, there is no indication that Category A, for which candidates must have a full-time permanent skilled job offer from a Nova Scotia employer, will reopen for the upcoming application cycle. If this changes, your experienced case handler at Global Migrate will obviously update you in person.

Eligibility requirements for Category B of Nova Scotia Demand:

  • Have at least one year of full-time (or equivalent part-time) skilled work experience in the last six years in one of the 16 ‘opportunity’ occupations (see table below)
  • Have their foreign education credentials assessed, authenticated, and given an equivalent value in Canada by one of the 4 designated credential assessment agencies
  • Demonstrate, by way of a standardized language test acceptable to the governments of Canada and Nova Scotia, at least an adequate intermediate language proficiency in English or French (Canadian Language Benchmark: 7)
  • Obtain at least 67 points on the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry Points Grid. Points are awarded based on language proficiency, age, work experience, education, and adaptability
  • Have a profile in the Express Entry pool


Opportunity occupations – updated list:

Financial Auditors and Accountants 1111
Other financial officers 1114
Professional occupations in advertising, marketing and public relations 1123
Administrative assistants 1241
Accounting and related clerks 1311
Civil engineers 2131
Information systems analysts and consultants 2171
Computer programmers and interactive media development 2174
Computer network technicians 2281
User support technicians 2282
Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses 3012
Licensed practical nurses 3233
College and other vocational instructors 4021
Paralegal and related occupations 4211
Social and community service workers 4212
Financial sales representatives 6235

 What do I do First? Our experts say: – For Your First step: get in the pool!

All applicants to the Nova Scotia Demand: Express Entry stream must have a profile in the federal Express Entry pool before applying to the stream. This was not the case in 2015, when the stream was last open so this is a change from the process that was in place at that time.

Candidates in the pool who may be eligible for this stream can prepare their documents and forms in anticipation of the imminent reopening for new applications. It should be noted that Nova Scotia plans on reopening this stream intermittently throughout 2017; therefore, candidates may prepare for a future intake, even if they don’t manage to submit an application for the upcoming intake.

Nova Scotia: an increasingly popular destination.

The government of Nova Scotia recently announced that nearly 5,500 new immigrants settled in the province as new permanent residents in 2016, more than at any time in the last seven decades.

“I am so proud of these results; they reflect the hard work that we’ve been doing to grow our population and make Nova Scotia a more diverse and welcoming province,” said Nova Scotia’s Immigration Minister, Lena Diab.

With an eye towards breaking this new record again in 2017, Minister Diab added that she is “looking forward to another outstanding year for immigration. We have a total of 2,150 spots to fill in 2017, that is the 1,350 spots for our Provincial Nominee Program and 800 spots in our new program, the Atlantic Immigration Pilot. Overall, we’re on track to break more records.”

UK Spouse Visa

UK Spouse Visa

Global MIgrate


A spouse visa allows your marriage partner to migrate to the UK if you are a legal UK citizen.

Once you have the visa you can now go ahead and look for a job or go to school if you want to. If you have been in the UK on a work visa or student visa for more than six months you can easily get a spousal visa. Also if you are applying from the UK the visa lasts for 30 months. But if you are not in the UK you can also apply for a spousal visa so do not worry. A marriage visa acquired from outside the UK can last up to 33 months.

The process of acquiring the UK spouse visa can take up to 12 weeks so be patient. It is very important to gather all the information you can before doing anything. Research can make your work very easy. You get to know exactly what is required of you so that the process is much smoother.

The process of getting the visa can be very stressful but there are migration experts such as Global Migrate. This team of experts help people get their visas with ease and all but guarantee success. You need a company that understands immigration in depth. One that has employees who are well informed about all the migration rules because they keep changing. If you are thinking of getting a UK Spouse Visa here are some things you need to consider checking first.

The basic requirements for a UK spouse visa:

  • You have to be legally married to the UK citizen of course and your marriage must be willingly done. Also, both of you have to be 18 years and above.
  • You can also be asked to take some English language lessons. Migrants are also asked to take English test to show that they can speak and understand English.
  • You should be able to financially support yourselves and any other people who are dependent on you, such as children. This also means that you should have a home or residence for your family.
  • There is a minimum amount of income that is required
  • You and your partner must also be planning on living together and not just temporarily.

If you have children you should apply for their visa too, do this while applying for yours.

If you and your partner have been living according to the agreements of the visa acquisition then you can extend your visa up to another 30 months.

Do not shy away from asking your immigration expert questions. They are trained to make your immigration easy and less stressful. For a successful application listen and take any solid advice given to you.

Visit a reputable and licensed visa experts such as Global Migrate company for any questions you might have or to start the process. If you need a spouse visa do not let people tell you how hard it is to discourage you. You know why you want it for your spouse so do it.

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Let Global Migrate Help You With Canadian Immigration

Canada Immigration Points Score

Global Migrate

Navigating the Canadian immigration system can feel daunting if you attempt to do it all by yourself. If you are planning on migrating to Canada to work, live, study or get married, it is crucial to have a top quality legal professional on hand to help you out. They will help you to make the best possible application and improve your chances of success.

Canada’s points based immigration system

Your Canada immigration points score is one of the key pieces of information that you will need as you make your application. Canada operates a points based immigration system. Higher scores are awarded for factors such as fluency in French and English, earnings, and the amount of time that has been spent in full time professional work or work experience. The higher your level of education, the more points you will accrue. More points can also be acquired if you have previously contributed to the country by studying or working in Canada and also if your spouse or partner is a Canadian citizen. If you are going to be accompanied by a spouse or partner, your points will be considered and calculated together. Your spouse or partner’s answers to the questions about education, French and/or English ability, and work history will also affect your points score. The number of points that you need will depend on what you want to immigrate to Canada for: do you want to apply for permanent residence or just for a temporary work visa? Calculating all of these points, and acquiring all of the relevant documents to back up all of the answers to the questions that the immigration authorities ask you, can be a stressful endeavour if you attempt to do it by yourself. This is why it is highly advisable to get the assistance of a legal professional when you immigrate.

How Global Migrate can make the immigration process as smooth as can be

Calling in the experts is a very smart idea. Top quality legal advice will ensure that you fill in your application properly and on time, and that you include all of the necessary documentation in support of it. Moreover, an immigration lawyer will be able to certify documents for you, and also perform other services such as pleading on your behalf in case your immigration application is rejected. Applying to immigrate to Canada can be a complex and drawn out process, and having someone on your side to support you with their expertise will help you to stay buoyant and optimistic throughout. No matter which country you are immigration from, and no matter what type of visa or residency status you are applying for, our expert team will be delighted to help. So, get in touch with us today to start discussing your requirements. Our efficient and professional way of working will help to ensure that your application is submitted in a timely and accurate manner.

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Express Entry Canada

Get The Professionals To Help You With Express Entry Canada

Global Migrate

Are you a skilled worker? Do you have a job offer in Canada? You could speed up the immigration application process by taking advantage of the Express Entry system. Express Entry is a new system that helps some immigration applications to fast track their entry into Canada. Legal professionals Global Migrate are on hand to help you to complete this process successfully.

An overview of Express Entry and what it entails

As its name indicates, Express Entry is a faster and more streamlined way for some applications to be approved to live and work in Canada. If you already have a job offer in the country in the near future and you need to have your immigration status confirmed as soon as possible, the Express Entry option could well be best for you. In order to take advantage of Express Entry, you need to be a skilled worker with a valid job offer that lasts for at least a year (this is a shorter time period than previously, meaning that more people can apply for Express Entry). The first step to apply for Express Entry is to complete the Canadian government’s online Express Entry application form. This form asks questions about your skills and education, as well as other aspects of your life. The immigration authorities then consider all of the applications in the pool and rank them. The top ranking applicants will be invited to apply for permanent residence. This system is points based, and you can get additional points for various factors, including having high levels of education and having a valid, long lasting job offer in Canada. The good news is that if you are not invited to apply for permanent residence in Canada this time round, you can start the whole process again and create a new Express Entry profile for yourself. Sounds complicated? It doesn’t have to be.

Get legal help to increase your chances of success

Whilst you can fill in the Express Entry form by yourself, enlisting the help of an immigration consultancy will ensure that you put in the very best Express Entry application that is possible. Your consultant, who understands the Express Entry system inside out, will ensure that your application is complete and accurate and that you have supplied all of the necessary supporting documentation. In addition, your consultant will help to explain any aspects of the Express Entry application process that are unclear to you, and they will help to fight your case if your application is unsuccessful. Experts in all aspects of Canadian immigration law, including the Express Entry procedure, Global Migrate are always happy to help you. If you are a skilled worker who is thinking of moving to Canada, get in touch with us today so that we can get to work on your Express Entry application right away. Our service is affordable, professional and always focused on our clients’ individual needs whether you are from the UK or even Dubai. Check our website to see the areas we cover.

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Global Migrate

                                  Global Migrate: Assistance for Getting Visa on Time

Travelling overseas can be easy if you are able to find a genuine immigration company, otherwise that helps you to proceed with the immigration process smoothly.

When it comes to business visa, it is very hard to get without a reliable immigration; however, you don’t need to worry because Global Migrate is the only company that can assist you with complete immigration process. If you don’t believe, then spare some time to check its reviews online.

The company is not only dealing in business visa, it is also assisting customer in providing student visa, visit visa, spouse visa and more.

It is one of the world-class visa consultancies in the globe, having a team of sound immigration and visa experts that assist client’s in all kinds of immigration matters. They are always available for answering your inquiries. The aim of the company is to provide best immigration services to the customer before visa and after visa.

The company has qualified experts that are regulated by the office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, Migration Agents regulatory Authority, Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants. It has specialization in UK Visas and Immigration, Canadian Immigration Law, Migration to Australia and Denmark Migration that helps you to provide visa in a less time.

Global Migrate provides a fast and efficient service, as it has already satisfied many people with its excellent work performance. Most clients have referred their friends and family members to take advantage of its quality services.

On the other hand, the company provides its employees in-house training so that they can keep in touch with the latest rules and regulation of every immigration process.

The company also provides free immigration assessment that help consultants to recognise the strength of client application. The reviews of the company reveal that it has helped a lot of people in providing visa of several countries over the years.

It is considered as one of the renowned immigration firms in London. The visa application process is not an easy task, however our experts assist client in making this process hassle-free. Even they support with strong application format when they are going to submit their case.

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Global Migrate Reviews

                                          Global-Migrate: Raising the Bar of Excellence

You might have heard that “sky is the limit”. Now, you must be thinking that things are easier said than done.  With Global-Migrate, nothing is impossible. Experience, dedication, streamlining capabilities and the ultimate and only goal of client satisfaction, is what makes Global-Migrate, the top leading immigration experts in London. Their reputation in the market and Global-Migrate reviews by its clients is unparalleled.

Once you are ready to take the first step with them, they will be your own personalised Google for any queries regarding visa application and immigration. They are so adhered on serving their clients that nothing stops them from stretching to that one extra hour or more. Your application is their goal and this goal will be only considered accomplished not when your application is passed, but when you are satisfied with the services they offered.

Time is money and money is time- no one else understands this better than Global-Migrates. Whatever they do, they do it in a time-efficient and money-saving way. From the start to end, you will have a personal consultant to rely on and your application is thoroughly judged and studied by an expert team of immigration advisors.

The team at Global-migrate are learners for life. They learn to gain knowledge and they put their knowledge to use to their best calibre, to handle client’s immigration cases. Their expertise in their field is so strong and up-to-dated that even if a change of wind takes place, they will know about it.

Trust is a very big deal for Global-Migrate. They will leave no stones unturned to win the trust of their clients. That is why they have regulatory qualifications from the Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner, Migration Agents regulatory Authority, Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, and more.

Last, but definitely not the least, the most prized possession for them is the Global-Migrate reviews by its valuable clients. The hard work they put in can be seen in the words of their customers.

So, if you are looking for UK Visas and Immigration, Canadian Immigration Law, Emigration to Australia and Denmark Migration then Global-Migrate is the place to be at, because with them:

“Sky is the Limit”

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Get Your Visa Quickly with Global Migrate

Travelling abroad has become very easy these days due to availability of enough transportation. There may be several reasons to go abroad. In some situations it is not very easy to go abroad, and you need assistance of the best immigration expert.

The Global Migrate is one of the best companies that is dealing with immigration needs for the UK, Australia and Canada.

Global Migrate is known for assisting businessmen, individuals and corporate clients in all kinds of immigration matters.

The motive of the company is to provide the best immigration services with its highly qualified workers, consultant and immigration experts who make it the best among other consultancies throughout the world.

Global Migrate always strive to keep its customer up to date with the latest rules and regulations of the visa process. The company provides strong in house training to its workers, which keeps them it helps them to up to date with an immigration process so that, strong visa application can be lodged without any hassle.

The company offers you customised packages with detailed immigration advices. If you are looking for the UK visa, immigration to Australia, a green card for Denmark or a Canadian skilled visa, you can contact its expert to get the best advice. The aim of Global Migrate is to provide best services to its clients before and after the visa.

Are you looking for someone reliable and trusted consultants? The company can be your best deal as it is regulated by the office of the immigration service commissioner, migration agents regulatory authority, Canadian society of Immigration consultants. The company offers you reliable services at affordable prices.

Our dedicated team is always available on the other end of the phone to assist our potential customers. They are easily approachable and always answerable to your queries. The best part of them is that they always give their extra efforts to satisfy the customer with their expertise.

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Global Migrate

                                            Arrive at your dream country with Global Migrate

The world has become small and distant between the countries are getting shorter.  There are many people, who look to  travel abroad these days due to many reasons. But, going abroad still not that easy for many of us. Every one cannot be an immigration expert, but you can always find one, who is. One such company is Global Migrate.

The company is known for helping various individuals, businessmen, corporate clients and high net worth investors in their all kinds of immigration matters. They are professionals and they are experts, as far as immigration matters are concerned. Global Migrate has highly qualified case workers, consultants and immigration experts that make it one of the best visa consultancies in the world.

The main aim of the company is to make people’s  dream come true.  Global Migrate always strive to provide the best service to its clients not only before the visa process, but it always stays with you even after this process. If you are searching for someone reliable and trusted, then this company is your best deal. There are experts, who are regulated by the office of the immigration services commissioner, Migration Agents regulatory Authority, Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants, and many more.

When it comes to Canadian immigration law, UK visas and immigration, emigration to Australia and Denmark Migration, no one is better than Global Migrate. It’s not it will not help you move to other countries, but the company specializes in all these countries. The service provided by the company is as fast as it can get. Our consultants are easily approachable and always available to answer your queries.

There are legally trained advisers, who always keep themselves updated with the latest rules and regulations and understand the complexities of the visa application process. One can also get tailor made packages and detailed immigration advice according to the detailed assessment of one’s case. The company offers free assessment, which helps you to know if you are eligible. If you are thinking migration, think Global Migrate.

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