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The Canadian Dream – Some Basic Facts

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With so many people every year looking to leave their homeland and start afresh on new shores, the possibilities for emigration are endless. Whether it’s to start a new life and forget an old one, to progress in employment, or to finally be together with relatives who have been thousands of miles away for too long, emigration has been a fact of life for generations. But of all the countries that welcome immigrants, Canada has long been overlooked, yet is perhaps the most welcoming of all nations, taking in on average a quarter of a million immigrants every year. So what is it about Canada that draws in such vast numbers of people seeking a new life?

Firstly, the country is a pillar of Western values and civilised thinking. Having been a fulcrum of the Western world, flanked by the USA to the South, and being relatively close to Western Europe, Canada presents the very epitome of the West. Benevolence, a warm welcome and progressiveness are what Canada lives and breathes. For many, this makes the country their first choice when choosing where they will set off to.

Secondly, Canada has one of the most diverse ethnic and cultural mixes of anywhere. Someone emigrating from the USA or Mexico to the South, or as far away as China or the Middle East, can be assured that their application will be judged fairly and in line with Canada’s wish to create a real cultural melting pot. Furthermore, anyone from overseas that wants to immigrate to Canada can be sure to find a taste of home; nearly all major cities have communities made up of ethnic and cultural minorities, meaning new arrivals to the country will always make new friends quickly.

Canada’s skills based immigration program also ensures that the country really does take in those that have the right skills, so any immigrant with a craft and a dream of using it stands a chance of making that dream a reality. The skills program rotates regularly, meaning that those with an ‘in demand’ skill set stand a chance as much as the next person. Anyone from a doctor to a brick layer, or even someone who speaks a different language fluently, are always going to feature at some point on the country’s list of desirable skills.

There’s no reason why anyone who has a wish to live in Canada can’t start the ball rolling by enrolling in skills based learning programs (which, crucially, must have some kind of recognised qualification at the end of it) and taking the accredited language exams that give any prospective applicants a significant advantage over the competition. These first steps are often missed out and leave applicants desperately short of the score needed to satisfy immigration requirements.

Of course, it goes without saying that nobody with a dream of getting to Canada can complete the process entirely by themselves. Anyone wanting to move to Canada needs to consult with an attorney. Global Migrate can help in that regard. With skilled legal counsel, a knowledge of Canadian immigration issues and requirements, and, more importantly, a wish to help immigrants live the ‘Canadian dream’, Global Migrate should be the first port of call for anyone setting out on the long road to emigration.